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DuraShield Protection Film (100x30cm)




Product description

DuraShield Premium Paint Protection Film Guard

DuraShield+™ Premium Paint Protection Film is a formidable defender of the appearance of any vehicle's surface from the daily wear and tear caused by small stone chips, insects, and other kinds of road debris. DuraShield+™ is virtually invisible protection that does not detract from a vehicle's appearance; unlike vehicle bras and plastic bug deflectors. When professionally applied, DuraShield+™ provides years of protection to the appearance and value of cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, PWCs, and boats. Safeguard your vehicle investment with DuraShield+™ today.

This is an optically clear, 8 mils thick, urethane film that provides protection from the damage that small stones, insects, and other road debris cause when they nick, chip, or scratch the exterior surface of your vehicle. It is ultra-conformable, providing a custom-fit finish when professionally applied to a variety of vehicle surfaces.

100x30cm - good for bumpers, rear loading strips, and side door panels.
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