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175-65-14' Pirelli P2500 EURO


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Product description

175-65-14' Pirelli P2500 EURO

P2500 EURO is designed as a replacement tyre for medium powered cars. With its M+S marking (Mud and Snow) it is the ideal choice, providing all season performance and comfort. The directional tread design comprises deep, wide longitudinal channels and arrow shaped grooves, forming multi-siped blocks.

These features, together with a silica based tread compound, react in unison or individually not only to ensure excellent grip in the wet and at low temperatures - even with a light covering of snow - but to make P2500 EURO an environmentally friendly tyre.

Complementing the functional aspects, the directional pattern and striking sidewall design make it ideal for adding that personal touch.

Tread pattern:
Arrow-head directional tread design with deep grooves and multi-siped blocks.
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