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MTX RT12-44 12" 750w Road Thunder Subwoofer


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Product description

MTX RT12-44 12" 750w Road Thunder Subwoofer

Powerful Accurate Bass at an unbelievable price point. This woofer shines when used in a sealed enclosure and causes a small earthquake when used in a vented enclosure.

Specifications :

RMS Power : 250W
Max Power : 750W
Frequency response : 28Hz - 200Hz
Sensitivity : 92,0 dB/2,83v/1m
Fs : 28Hz
Re : 1,6O
Z : 4O + 4O
Qms : 6,60
Qes : 0,78
Qts : 0,70
Vas : 68Liter
Mms : 164gr
Cms : 0,186mm/N
BL : 7,83N/A
Sd : 510cm2
Vd : 0,82Liter
Xmax : 16,0mm
Ø30cm (12’’)

Features :

ALDS Technology
SPV Technology
Spider with interlaced tinsel leads
Original MTX steel frame
One piece Polypropylene cone
Butyl rubber surround
Ø50 mm high temp (220°) aluminium voice coil
High-end, heavy duty terminals designed by Streetwires
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