Autostyle Motorsport Level 4 Trading Information

As our country enters Level 4 of lockdown, the following will apply to all Autostyle Motorsport stores

  • Retail sales of all vehicle components shall resume.
  • All stores will limit the number of customers in the store at any point.
  • All stores will have the necessary safety equipment and processes (eg. sanitizers, protective masks, social distancing measures, etc).
  • Wheel & Tyre fitment will resume from 1st May.
  • All stores will follow our existing trading hours.
  • Courier deliveries will follow standard work hours (weekdays between 8 and 5pm)
  • Deliveries will take roughly 8-10 working days

Online Orders
All online orders placed during and before lockdown will be processed and deliveries will begin from 4th May 2020.

Store Collections
Online Orders placed with ‘Store Collection’ will be prioritized and dedicated collection areas at our stores will be provided.

Pricing & Availability
Due to the extreme Rand/Dollar fluctuation, prices may rise drastically. While all items that are currently in stock will remain the same, we cannot guarantee availability or price on large volume orders. Please call, email, WhatsApp or live chat with us to clarify availability and pricing.

NB: The above is subject to change at any given time due to the fluid nature of this pandemic and our government protocols.

Please visit the website for more information and resources

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