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Digital Design 6" Subwoofer and Enclosure Combo


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Product description

Digital Design 6" Subwoofer and Enclosure Combo

- 250rms
- 500w peak
- (cm) 35.5 x 20.3 x 26.6

Our plug-and-play loaded enclosures are aimed at filling your car with big sound while taking up minimal cargo space. By designing these enclosures using our tried and true DD Box System we were able minimize their footprints without sacrificing output; opening up many more installation possibilities. The cabinets are built sturdy using MDF with fully sealed seams, and feature tuned ports designed to maximize output and minimize air turbulence at higher volumes. We loaded them with a high efficiency subwoofer built specifically for the LE Series. The subs boast a powerful double stack motor, and the same high temperature voice coils other brands use in their top of the line models. The LE-Series enclosures provide an affordable world class subwoofer set-up for virtually any application. Proving you don’t have to sacrifice sound just because you use your trunk for more than speakers.
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