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Evo Speed Wax


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Product description

Evo Speed Wax

This Detailer has a variety of uses to use in between washes and wax applications
To maintain that brilliant showroom gleam
It will remove stubborn polishes & waxes and it can also be used on Glass,Chrome,Gel Coats,
Plexiglass & Fibreglass

It will leave your paint with a thin protective layer that bonds with waxes and synthetic sealents to give a slick
shiny,durable surface.

An Extreme Shine High Gloss Detailer !
THE FASTEST WAY TO SHINE YOUR CAR FOR A WET FINISH IN SECONDS - Developed with the perfectionist in mind Speed Wax
Detailer delivers a fast shine that lasts.
The Wet Look comes from a polymer resin based fluid combined with acrylic wetting agents and lubricants.
No Wax, No Film, No Streaking and Luckily No Effort great for all painted surfaces,metal,chrome & even Glass
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