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Fantasma OWL On Wheel Lighting


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Product description

Fantasma OWL On Wheel Lighting

Will Fantasma OWL Fit my wheels?

1. Disk brakes.
Fantasma OWL can be used only with the disk brake system. (Drum brakes system will not fit)

2. Alloy wheels
Fantasma OWL can not be mounted on stamped wheels, solid wheels or wheels with multiple spokes construction.

3. 50-76 mm.
Wheel central aperture should have diameter in range 50-76 mm for install the 3-arm fixer.

4. Wheel central aperture lip.
Fantasma OWL will need to use the lip (welt) of the central aperture of the alloy wheel. (Such lip is usually used for retaining wheel center cap)

5. Wheel hub.
Please make sure that there is at least 15 mm from the end of the central part of the hub till the wheel central aperture lip.
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