Gotech Mini X Engine Control Unit

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ZAR2,295.00 Price:
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Gotech Mini X Engine Control Unit
Part Number:MNXSTD

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Product description

Gotech Mini X Engine Control Unit

The Gotech Mini X engine control unit is a smaller version of the Gotech PRO X ecu. This unit uses the same processor and crystal as the PRO X which means that processing speed is about five times faster than the standard Mfi and PRO units.

Gotech Mini X Information and Features

One, Two, Three, Four, Six and Eight Cylinders with distributor and single coil. (No coil packs)
Trigger per event
Four outputs to be used as:
- One injector, one coil and two GPO (eg. Idle control and VVT)
Gpo outputs can be used for idle control or VVT or boost control.
Launch control (Launch rpm limit, Launch timing retard, Launch time delay)

Basic Kit Contents

The basic kit includes
- Gotech Mini X ecu
- Universal wiring harness
- Software package
- User manual