Gotech PRO X Engine Control Unit

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ZAR4,995.00 Price:
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Gotech PRO X Engine Control Unit
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Product description

Gotech PRO X Engine Control Unit

The Gotech PRO X engine control unit is our top of the range ECU. This unit features a faster processor than the normal Gotech MFI and PRO ecu and about double the crystal speed. This control unit took the market with a storm due to the good pricing and extreme capabilities. After one year of production the Gotecg PRO X unit was already featured in top European magazines.

Gotech PRO X Information and Features

One, Two, Three, Four, Six and Eight Cylinders with distributor and single coil or coil packs
Trigger per event, 60-2, 12-1, 24-1 and TDC pickups
Various setup combinations available:
- 4, 6 and eight Cylinder, One coil and two injector outputs with trigger per event input
- 4 Cylinder, Two coil and Two injector outputs with crank trigger (60-2, 36-1, 12-1)
- 6 Cylinder, Three coil and three injector outputs with crank trigger (60-2)
- 4 Cylinder, Full sequential Four coil and four injector output (60 -2 plus hall effect TDC)
- 6 Cylinder, Full sequential fuelling and phased ignition (60 -2 plus hall effect TDC)
- 8 Cylinder, Single coil and distributor
- 8 Cylinder, Single coil, full sequential injection (60-2 plus hall effect TDC)
- 8 Cylinder, Two distributor, Phased sequential fuel (60 -2 crank pickup Lexus 1uz)
- Mazda Rotary Twin and Triple rotor engines (24 -1 Distributor pickup)
2 Gpo outputs can be used for idle control or VVT or boost control.
Dedicated fuel pump output
Dedicated shift light
Launch control (Launch rpm limit, Launch timing retard, Launch time delay)
Anti lag available on request

Basic Kit Contents

The basic kit includes
- Gotech PRO X ecu
- Universal wiring harness
- Software package
- User manual