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H3 Ring Globe 55w


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H3 Ring Globe 55w
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Driving at night can be challenging. Limited visibility can make it hard to spot hazards on the road.

XenonMax, from Ring Automotive is the first bulb to put up to 100% more light on the road, compared to a standard bulb, allowing motorists to see potential hazards earlier and more clearly, as well as providing better reflections from road markings and signs.The unique filament technology combined with the Xenon gas produces a bright white light with enhanced performance for a greater light out put. The stylish blue coating reduces glare for other road uses.

XenonMax is ideal for all motorists, whether you are driving in the country or the town.

XenonMax bulbs are street legal and are a simple upgrade from standard bulbs, requiring no changes to vehicle wiring. For the brighter choice, see the difference yourself.

XenonMax, the original 100% performance bulb.
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