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Lamin-X Smoke Protective Film


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Product description

Lamin-X Smoke Protective Film
- ideal for rear lamps
- high gloss finish.
- 50cm x 30cm piece

What is Lamin-X
- A variety of Clear & Coloured adhesive backed protective films
- Easy Peal & Stick Application for Protecting any surface imaginable!
- Colored films for a unique look, clear films for invisible protection.
- 90 to 95% light transmission!

Why lamin-x
- Strong and impact resistant yet pliable. Enough to adhere to ANY surface
- Available in half meter increments (60cm x 30cm)

Who uses it?
- Factory endurance Racing teams (Le Mans, ALMS, Grand Am etc)
- Pro Drift & Rally Race teams
- Car Show enthusiasts
- Trackday enthusiasts
- Individuals who care about protection.


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