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Motip Speed Wax


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Product description

Motip Speed Wax
Product description

High quality spray to obtain a lasting gloss. Suitable to treat lacquered,plasticandchrome-platedparts.

Product characteristics

Easy to apply
W ater repellent
Lasting gloss
Reduces the adhesion of dirt
Protects against weather influences.
Non polishing
Contains silicones

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Contents : 400ml
VOC-content : Approximately 93% w/w

Before use,carefully read the directions on the packaging anda ct accordingly.
Do not use in full sunlight.

The aerosol should have room temperature.
Best processing temperature 15to 25°C.
Before use,shake the aerosol.

The surface shouldbe clean and dry.
Apply the Speed Wax in a thin,equal layer and distribute with a softcloth.
Allow to take effect for one minute and polish to gloss.
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