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Quick Release Battery Terminals (standard)


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Product description

Quick Release Battery Terminals (standard)
- suitable for 4-1gauge, 21mm-42mm
Standard Quick Release Battery Terminal Clamps For Cars, Tractors, Generators, Caravans, Stationery Engines, Etc
Side mounting cable fixing comes with 8mm Fixing Stud and Wing Nut

Despite being used in multiple applications, the battery terminal has remained relatively unchanged since its inception.The need for a quick release battery terminal has never been in doubt however the difficultly has been finding one that works effectively! Through a process of careful research and development, OwBo Industries has developed an effective quick release battery terminal.The innovative OwBo Quick Release Battery Terminal addresses the limitations of the conventional battery terminal.
Manufactured in high quality materials to a patented OwBo design, it provides an effective and safe quick release locking mechanism.
The OwBo Terminal delivers benefits ranging from improved OH&S through to efficiency and convenience.
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