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Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair




Product description

Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair

What it does: Stops leaks & smoking The Problem: Exhaust Smoke Burning Oil Worn Pistons & Rings

The Solution: Stops Exhaust Smoke Reduces Oil Burning Seals Worn Pistons & Rings Blow-by is usually caused by gaps in internal engine parts resulting from excess wear. Ring Seal contains viscosity improvers that thicken the oil film filling these gaps.

– Contains high-shear polymers which provide a seal for worn pistons & rings to stop blow-by.
– Cushions and coats engine parts helping to reduce wear and quiet noisy lifters.
– Stops blue exhaust smoke and reduces oil burning.
– Retains oil flow characteristics in hot and cold weather.
– Works on all 4, 6, and 8 cylinder vehicles.
– Use on any gasoline or diesel engines.
– Works with conventional, high mileage and synthetic engine oils.
– Add to engine oil anytime.

Dosage: 1 bottle treats 4 to 6 L of oil. 473 ml
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