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Visbella Rearview Mirror Adhesive


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Product description

Visbella Rearview Mirror Adhesive

Visbella® Rearview mirror adhesive is two parts component glue, but notice no mixing of the two parts.it is extra strong and fast
acting. It outperforms epoxie and super glue type products.Holds up well in high temperatures and humid environments. Two part
structural acrylic system designed to mount rear view mirror. Rearview mirror adhesive kit woks mainly on where rearview mirror broken
and brackets to windshield in second. Also can be used to bond metal to metal ,glass to glass, glass to metal, ceramics, jewelry
and anything else you can think of.

Advantage & Features
Simple and Easy to use
Excellent Bonding for glass & Metal
Cure within Minutes
No mixing
No clamping required
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