Motip Aircon Cleaner

R80.00 R55.00

Motip Anticondesation Spray

R50.00 R30.00

Motip Fast Wax

R90.00 R50.00

Motip Insect Cleaner

R45.00 R25.00

Motip Plish & Wax

R90.00 R50.00

Suitable for Bmw F30 Carbon Front Spoiler


Toyota Hilux Revo LED Grille Kit


Ford Ranger 2016 Gloss Black Wheel Arches

R2,995.00 R2,495.00

Toyota Hilux Revo Wheel Arches (smooth finish)


Toyota Hilux Revo Wheel Arches (textured finish)


Suitable for Bmw F80 M4 Rear Apron


Ring Xenon Star H1 55w 4000k Headlight Bulbs

R260.00 R180.00

Ring H11 55w Halogen Headlight Bulb


Suitable for F80 M3 / F82 M4 Carbon Bootspoiler


Suitable for Mercedes W205 Bootspoiler

R1,195.00 R795.00

Jamex Lowering Kit Audi Avant 01 to 05

R1,495.00 R1,195.00

Dupli-Color Custom Wrap Renovating Coating (Carbon Matt Black)

R195.00 R140.00

Ring Automotive ICE Blue H4 Bulbs (55w)

R150.00 R120.00

Ring Automotive ICE Blue H7 Bulbs (55w)

R150.00 R120.00

Ring Automotive Ice-Blue HB3 Headlamp

R160.00 R90.00

Ring AUtomotive Ultra Xenon HB3 Headlamp

R250.00 R185.00

Ring Automotive XenonStar+ H1 Headlamp Bulbs

R350.00 R250.00

Ford Ranger Side Mirror Cover (pair)

R295.00 R195.00

Duplicolor Car Art Spray Black

R100.00 R40.00

Duplicolor Metalcast Anodized Colors


Duplicolor Truck Bed Coating Spray (clear)

R295.00 R190.00

Duplicolor Caliper Paint Black Kit

R450.00 R300.00

Duplicolor Caliper Paint Silver Kit

R450.00 R260.00

Motip Bumper black

R60.00 R30.00

Motip Bumper Shine

R60.00 R30.00

Motip Inside Coating Wax Base

R80.00 R30.00

Motip Rallye Wheel Silver

R100.00 R30.00

Motip Speed Wax

R60.00 R35.00

Motip Super Cleaner Renovator

R80.00 R50.00

Motip Super Shampoo with wax

R70.00 R40.00

Motip VBELT Spray

R60.00 R25.00